Since 1957

Simply The Best!!!
Here’s why:

Farroh Roof Truss is a state-of-the-art truss manufacturing plant that is on the cutting edge of technology.  Coupled with the best designers in the industry, it’s a win – win situation.

Farroh Roof Truss’s manufacturing process is tested daily. In addition, all equipment is the latest and best in the industry.  All equipment is checked daily to assure proper cutting, assembly and plate embedment.

Farroh Roof Truss has been manufacturing quality trusses since 1957.  Since the beginning, founder Walter Farroh has insisted on quality.  While being very competitive, we will never cut corners or sacrifice quality just to be ‘low bidder’.

Farroh Roof Truss’s designers are trained in structural designing – not just CAD or other software training.

Farroh Roof Truss can even help in designing the trusses, girders and beams in your building from the start.  We work closely with architects and other building designers, even in preliminary design stages, to assure the building is designed right – and efficiently.

Farroh Roof Truss is all about quality.  All trusses, beams and connections are designed to exceed building codes and are designed by competent design professionals with many years of experience.  All designs are also checked by registered engineers of the state in which the project is being built.

Farroh Roof Truss is proud to be a member and supporter of Wood Truss Council of America.

Farroh Roof Truss Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 45
#5 27th St. NE
Minot, North Dakota 58702

Phone: (701) 852-1717
Fax: (701) 852-3144





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